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Magellan stands out by its intervention in the area of Public Affairs, providing representation, consulting and management services.

We have solid experience and knowledge in Analysis and Market Research


We undertake a constant and permanent monitoring of new developments, decisions, political guidelines and programs in the client’s practice area. We also proceed to identify the optimum means of communication with relevant institutions. Afterwards, we process the relevant information and then form an individual action plan, aiming to protect the client’s interests and seeking to duly preserve them. Our actions are governed by the highest standards of transparency and ethics. We are concerned with intervening as soon as possible with a view to obtaining the best results.

The EU provides funding and grants for a broad range of projects and programmes. We provide support, prepare applications and establish the most effective partnerships.

Allows access to an analysis of regulatory conditions, agents, institutions and relevant competition, as well as keeping political interests at stake. We inform the client about the best way to approach the relevant decision makers. We have knowledge of the logic and practicse of political thought and we know the optimal point of contact in most matters. We often use the term “strategy”, but never lightly. We ensure that the client’s message is properly conveyed and that their interests are protected in the best way, whenever it is required.

The research and analysis may address a certain topic, challenge or decision making process. Our goal is to produce accurate work of excellent quality, with a view to reaching the client’s goals in the most convenient way.

We provide advice and support with a view to achieving and maintaining a strong presence within the European Union. We cultivate, within Brussels, close and effective contacts with the most relevant agents within the European institutions and correlating institutions.

Events are an excellent way to bring institutions, companies and civil society closer. These are unique opportunities to establish contacts with relevant decision makers in the areas of economy, politics and media. The services we provide include personalized support with regard to the planning and implementation of national and international events.

We provide support for the establishment of contacts with decision makers in politics, media and civil society. Furthermore, we offer advice concerning the maintenance and expansion of one’s personal contacts network.